The VIP worker however has been the only adult to keep interactions going with my young person during these missing episodes

Overall, it’s been a pleasure to work alongside The VIP worker and I thank her very much for her ongoing support and efforts with the young person

The V.I.P workers expertise in relation to gangs, county lines and court procedures has served very well in this case as he has given support, advice and guidance to the young person through his court case.

While other agencies take a harsher approach, VIP are caring and understanding and generally want the best for the young person and the family. We are safe now with the help of VIP and I still have a home visit or a conversation by phone

Working with The VIP has been an absolute pleasure. The unique and creative approach the VIP worker brings to working with young people is truly refreshing and inspirational. Working with him has enabled me to develop my own practice as a Probation Officer.