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Referrals to The VIP need to be aged between 12 years and 25 years old, and either RED (high) or AMBER (medium) in the below categories of “Individual Violence” or “Group Standing”. Some examples are given below but don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or to discuss a potential referral on 0800 130 3421 or by emailing

We also run a free phone number where we can provide confidential support to young people, parents and guardians concerned about gangs and serious youth violence in the West London area:

Risk Code Individual violence Examples of “individual violence” Group Standing Examples of “group standing”
High Proven high propensity for serious violence perpetrated in the community against peers and / or part of groups Credible evidence or intel that they have stabbed or shot at people High Status within groups known to be involved in Serious Youth Violence Known within an area / estate that they are thought of as “top boy”. Regularly spoken about by rivals; influenced other people to commit acts of serious violence
Medium Concerns of involvement in perpetrating serious violence (against peers) Involved in GBH (but not thought to do the stabbing): affray (group conflict related) Close associates / family member of high status / central members of groups Entourage on release from prison or at court cases; police intelligence of regular association
Low Idealisation of “gang affiliated” lifestyle – looking up to high status individuals Talking about carrying weapons / stabbing / shooting people etc Known to associate with above groups / individuals Present in music videos and / or attending carnival / other events with high risk individuals