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school based violence

At the VIP we have adopted a public health approach to tackling serious youth violence in our community. Our school based violence prevention programme.

An essential strand to this approach is early, effective targeted engagement that immunizes those members of our community most at risk of becoming infected with violence.

To help us identify these individuals we drill down on our research data which drills down on risk indicators. These indicators are essentially the causal factors that lead young people to become at risk of involvement in serious youth violence? Armed with this knowledge, we identify local school and work with staff to engage groups of young people whom we know are most susceptible to being infected with violence.

Our school based violence prevention work is group based and focuses on creating a safe space for young people to develop the psychological resilience. Our interventions follow our mentalization based treatment agenda and encourage our clients to develop their capacity to improve their understanding of their own psychological and states as well as the psychological states of other young people in the group. Please click here to get in touch for more information and support.