adaptive mentalization based integrative treatment

Adaptive Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment:

Adaptive Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment. Staff at the V.I.P. have been trained at the Anna Freud Centre is a whole-team approach designed for services who work with clients who present with multiple and complex problems, including mental health issue, substance misuse, developmental trauma, conduct disorder and violent offending behaviour. AMBIT is based around the core theory and practices of Mentalization.

As an AMBIT team, the V.I.P. has developed systems of support and care that are adapted to meet the specific needs of our hard to reach client base. Our therapeutic treatment model is designed to be flexible and adaptive so that ‘we’ are experienced as attuned caregivers by our clients. Mentalization is our guiding framework and we use it across four key areas of practice:

  • face to face work with clients
  • between team-members
  • across professional networks
  • in fostering a team culture of learning

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