Public Health Approach

Public Health Model

Taking a Public Health Approach

Our ethos is rooted in redefining the practice and so we take a Public Health approach to youth violence. This means treating violence as a disease and focusing on prevention as well as reactive measures.
It works in a four-stage process:

  1. Developing a basic foundation of knowledge of violence and collecting data
  2. Understanding why violence occurs
  3. Investigate methods
  4. Implement interventions

Public Health uses insights from a range of specialties from psychology to criminology. This is why we ensure our work is informed with key findings from throughout the sector, such as using mentalization techniques as part of our urban therapy model.
Understanding violence and young people in this way allows us to take a different perspective, without reinforcing shame, which we see as the virus that causes violence.
In order the truly implement this approach, we are establishing a network for third sector organisations working in the field to come together, share best practice and build relationships to strengthen our collective impact. We’ll be holding regular network meetings, and including businesses, schools and local authority. If you’d like to get involved, please contact or click here to get in touch.

VIP Public Health Approach Document