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At the V.I.P we believe that working with the family in conjunction with the young person when it is possible can always have a positive effect on the progress a young person is trying to make. Our youth mentors are here to help.

Our aim is to work closely not only with the young person who has been referred to the charity but also to offer support to the family of the young person.

The support that we offer for each family will look different depending on what the family’s specific needs are.

In some cases we will work with the family and the referred young person to help them mediate through their family’s particular issues.

In some cases we can and will act as an advocate for the family when dealing with professional services.

As stated earlier we tailor the help we provide to the specific needs of the family, for example during the recent pandemic we provided a food back service to the families of our young people to help them through what has been a unique and fearful experience to them all. Get in touch today and speak to a member of our youth mentors team.